About Us

These are the ideals of Freemasonry.

The Masonic Renewal Committee is composed of dedicated Freemasons from across North America. Like you, we believe the values and ideas of Freemasonry are needed in this complex and dynamic world.

We work with Grand Lodges to provide tools which the thousands of lodges throughout North American use for growth and development of their members. We gather and distribute information from state and provincial level as well as grassroots sources. We do this so the innovative efforts of lodges and Grand Lodges may swiftly and efficiently implement these tools for their betterment.

Our committee members are:

Patton S. HartClick here for Bio

Past Grand Master, Kentucky
Dean Alban
Membership Services Director, Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction
William H. BermanClick here for Bio

Past Grand Master, New Jersey
Alvin Jorgenson
Sovereign Grand Inspector General AASR, Washington
Asst. Treasurer
Allan Casalou
Grand Secretary, California
Brian R. Dodson
Past Grand Master, Texas
Chibu Uson
Past Grand Master, Manitoba
David W. Haywood
Past Grand Master, Missouri
Dieter B. Hees
Past Grand Master, New Jersey
Gail Neal KempClick here for Bio

Past Grand Master, Indiana; Active, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction
Jerry L. Hanson
Past Grand Master, Tennessee
Jon V. Shelton
Past Master, District Deputy Grand Master, Virginia
Joshua M. Woodwyk
Past Grand Master, Michigan
Matt Harrison
Past Master, Utah
Michael A. Dewolf
Past Grand Master and Grand Secretary- Wisconsin. Deputy AASR for Wisconsin. Executive Secretary/Treasurer of the Conference of Grand Masters of North America
Neil Neddermeyer
Past Grand Master, Minnesota
Randy Rudge
Imperial Recorder, Shriners International
Richard E. Lynn
Past Grand Master, Grand Secretary, Florida
Ronald P. Jacobson
Past Grand Chaplain, New Jersey
Roger S. VanGorden
Past Grand Master, Indiana
Terry A. McLeanClick here for Bio
Grand Secretary General and Past Sovereign Grand Commander, AASR Canada

Jurisdictional Sub-Committee members:

Brad Meggison
Grand Lodge Development/Renewal Committee, Saskatchewan
Christian Ossa
New Jersey
Craig Hummel
Past Grand Master, Iowa
Daniel Bartlett
Past District Deputy Grand Master, Grand Secretary, Maine
Douglas Charles Collins
Past Grand Master, British Columbia and Yukon
Jason Alan Jefcoat
Senior Grand Warden, Mississippi
Jason Van Dyke Past Master
Director of Communications, District of Columbia
Jeffrey M. Wonderling
Jerry Hanson
Past Grand Master, Tennessee
John W. Westerman, III
Deputy Grand Master, Florida
Joshua Thompson
M. Douglas Neal
West Virginia
Nelson Albino
Puerto Rico
Richard Hagler
South Dakota
Roger S. VanGorden
Past Grand Master, Indiana
Steve Norris
North Carolina
Thomas L. Hauder
Past Grand Master, Nebraska
Will Leano
Past District Deputy Grand Master, Alberta