Welcome to the Masonic Renewal Committee’s Academic Lodge Program! The purpose of this program is to provide resources to enable Grand Lodges to start their own Academic Lodges. An Academic Lodge is one that bases its membership on the students, faculty, staff, and alumni of a given college or university. The Academic Lodge has a special relationship with the university as a part of their family, to include scholarships, lectures, and participation in school events.

Academic Lodges are a wonderful opportunity for young people at the University (and older ones too) to experience all Freemasonry has to offer. They can also provide a new spark of energy and enthusiasm for Masonry, introducing the Craft to the university and the broader academic community.

When starting an Academic Lodge, a Grand Lodge should keep in mind that it must provide a quality experience for the brethren first and foremost. There is a temptation to focus on membership opportunities, but a quality experience at all Masonic meetings must take precedence over quantity of membership. This quality experience includes:

  1. Masonic education, to include sharp ritual and stimulating continuing education. This is a must, especially for an Academic Lodge. There are many educational resources and professors to leverage at a university, which helps to provide a truly unique experience.
  2. Good fellowship, to include fun events and good food.
  3. Truly taking care of the Lodge brethren, to include regular follow up.

These values correspond closely to the tenets of Freemasonry and must be the foundation of an academic, or indeed any new Lodge.

We wish you every success in this endeavor and look forward to working with you!