The Masonic Renewal Committee of North America strives to work in furthering our mission with the services, programs and products that we have produced and identified to better enhance Masonic renewal and serve our great fraternity. We take pride and satisfaction in knowing that the previous MRC resources that have been developed continue to be useful and beneficial to all. Therefore, we are continuing our search to regenerate Freemasonry today.

Our mission is to provide a Masonic Tool Kit to be shared by all Grand Lodges covering successful programs and best practices aimed at strengthening our Lodges, improving Grand Lodge outreach, and supporting Lodge structure for the future.

Name Position Background
Patton S. Hart President PGM, Kentucky
William H. Berman Secretary-Treasurer PGM, New Jersey
Allan Casalou   Grand Secretary, California
Dean Alban Vice President Membership Services Director, AASR, SJ
Roger S. VanGorden   PGM, Indiana
Richard E. Lynn   PGM, Grand Secretary, Florida
Brian R. Dodson   PGM, Texas
Ronald P. Jacobson   Past Grand Chaplain, New Jersey
Neil Neddermeyer   PGM, Minnesota
Jon V. Shelton   PDDGM, Virginia
George T. Taylor IV   Dir. of Valley Relations, AASR, NMJ
Chibu S. Uson   PGM, Manitoba
Dieter B. Hees   PGM, New Jersey
Joshua M. Woodwyk   PGM, Michigan
Michael A. Dewolf   PGM, Wisconsin; Grand Secretary, AASR, NMJ; Deputy for Wisonsin; Executive Secretary/Treasurer, Conference of GM’s of Masons in NA, LLC
Alvin Jorgenson Asst. Treasurer SGIG in Washington
Terry A. McLean   Grand Secretary General- AASR, Canada, PSGC
Jeffrey A. Bolstad   Grand Capt. Gen., Grand Encampment, Knights Templar of the U.S.A.
John C. Piland   Exec. VP- Shriners’ International
R. J. “Jody” Meguiar   Membership Component Relations Manager · ‎Shriners International
Eduardo Velasco   PGM, York Grand Lodge of Mexico