Hiram’s Call September 2023


Welcome to the third issue of Hiram’s Call.  With this issue we welcome those brothers who have registered with our website masonicrenewal.org.  We also welcome several brothers from the Grand Lodge of Indiana and the Grand Lodge of Illinois.

To supplement the Grand Lodge of Indiana’s newsletter “Lodge Leadership and Essential Notes”, Gary E. Brinley, Grand Master and Richard J. Elman, P.G.M., Grand Secretary added their subscribers to our distribution list.  We appreciate the support and confidence of Most Worshipful Brothers Brinley and Elman.

We also appreciate the confidence and support of Most Worshipful Brother Michael E. Jackson, Grand Master and Right Worshipful Brother Franklin E. Cline, Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Illinois for including the officers of the Grand Lodge in our distribution.

We hope brothers who have registered with our website and the brothers from Indiana and Illinois will find value in our newsletter.


The Masonic Renewal Committee

The Midwest Conference on Masonic Education

The oldest name in Masonic Education bringing
new ideas to today’s Masonic Educators

-Joshua Thompson, MRC Representative in Missouri, Treasurer MCME

We hope our readers have heard of the Midwest Conference on Masonic Education, or MCME for short. However, for those who are not aware, MCME was formed in 1949 at a gathering of interested Masons from Illinois and Iowa. Its first Annual Meeting was held in Cedar Rapids, IA. and since those early days its membership has consisted of a loose and ever-changing collection of Masonic educators from Masonic jurisdictions. Typically located in 12 north central States and the Province of Manitoba. In fact, for many years, the conference was seen as a conference specifically for the chairmen and members of Grand Lodge Masonic Education Committees. After all, who else would be interested in furthering the aim of Masonic Education?  But in recent years, the Conference has made a concerted effort to broaden the scope of the organization to include Masonic Educators at all levels and even to expand its reach outside of the traditional Midwest region.  Today, the conference offers Jurisdictional, Organizational, and even Individual memberships in an effort to share the educational resources and hosts a wide-ranging annual conference that appeals to Masonic Educators at every level.

The aim of MCME is to promote Masonic Education, in part by providing a forum for Masonic educators to gather, freely discuss Masonic issues, socialize, and learn from sharing experiences while building beneficial relationships.

MCME 2023 was our largest Annual Conference in the organization’s living memory, and we look forward to continuing that trend.  Hosted by the Grand Lodge of Ohio at the Historic Canton Masonic Temple, and under the leadership of MCME President Chad Kopenski, the theme of this year’s conference was “Intentional Masonry” and MCME was proud to partner with the Masonic Renewal Committee, the Andrew Torok Foundation, the Ohio Lodge of Research, the Whence Came You Podcast, and so many others.

Whether you are a Grand Master, a Grand Lodge Education Officer, a Masonic Education Committee, a District LEO, or Lodge Education Officer looking to set your goals for the upcoming or even a Master Mason who is passionate about Masonic Education who is looking to enrich their own Masonic experience the MCME provides a great opportunity. Events of the MCME provide the exchange of ideas that Masonry is known for and is vital given the challenges that Freemasonry faces today.  We hope that Masons and Masonic educators will continue to take advantage of these opportunities.  The MCME is here to help in those endeavors in whatever way we can.

We invite you to join us at the 75th Annual Midwest Conference on Masonic Education at the beautiful Minnesota Masonic Heritage Center in Bloomington, Minnesota. It promises to be an event to remember. We look forward to continuing opportunities to enhance the Masonic Experience, improve Lodge Development, Membership Development, and Membership Retention among Lodges, Grand Lodges, and other Masonic organizations involved.

The MRC proudly announces we have become an organizational member
of the Midwest Conference on Masonic Education!

MCME link:

Information on the 2024 MCME Conference:

MRC Engage Conference
September 28th, 2023 
8:00 p.m. ET

Dr. Heather K. Calloway will discuss preserving collections of the Grand Lodges and Blue Lodges, that are at serious risk of being damaged and/or discarded.

“Whether a lodge is moving, closing, or downsizing their space, the collections amassed by the fraternity are at risk of being orphaned… They are often stored in closets, basements, and attics where environmental and storage condition are abysmal.”


Commendation for Excellence

We are proud to introduce this new award recognizing Grand Lodges demonstrating successful programs and practices for membership development and retention.  Membership development is more than gaining new members.  Does your Grand Lodge have a successful program for leadership training, education, or mentoring for example?

We want to hear about it and award those programs which excel!

Deadline for submission is October 30, 2023

Heard Any Good Podcasts lately?

There are so many great Masonic podcasts online! Here are two we recommend. Find them on your favorite podcast platform, or simply click the images below to listen now:

 MSA Short Talk Bulletin Podcast
Since 1923 the Masonic Service Association of North America has published the Short Talk Bulletins every month, discussing various symbols, lore, and Masonic historical figures and events, being the de facto “public face” of Masonry in North America. Now you can listen to them!


The Tyler’s Place Podcast
Official podcast of the Supreme Council, 33°, SJ, The Tyler’s Place is a collection of stories, lessons, and interviews by Masons, for Masons, and about Masons. Hosted by Brother Maynard Edwards, 33°, each episode offers a variety of topics on Freemasonry, such as: interviews with interesting and inspiring people; historical facts and insights; and tips, tricks, and life-hacks for the modern Mason.

Jack H. Jones Memorial Humanitarian Award

The Jack H. Jones Memorial Humanitarian Award is presented by the Masonic Renewal Committee to a distinguished Mason who emulates the great character and valued principles of Jack Jones. Jack was a Past Imperial Potentate in 2008-2009, Honorary Past Grand Master of DeMolay International and Past Imperial Recorder for Shriners International. He was a founding member of the Masonic Renewal Committee in 1988.

Jack was renowned for his leadership, expertise, vision and commitment to the craft, promoting fraternalism and unity among all Masonic families. His high ethical standards and loyal service to the Masonic Fraternity were demonstrated with compassion, goodwill, and peace to all mankind.

This award recognized the brother who;

exhibits high ethical standards and loyal service to the Masonic fraternity and the families of Freemasonry;

has made a difference and provided significant contributions with his fraternity to ensure long term growth and prosperity

has exhibited the quality of being respected, loyal to his values and having the spirit of being beneficial to all concerned;

has given outstanding leadership and service in his Professional, Fraternal or Civic life.

used Masonic teachings to dramatically build a better tomorrow; and / or

demonstrates a great visionary and extraordinary commitment in promoting unity and fraternalism with all Masonic families.

The award will be presented at the next Conference of Grand Masters of North America – February, 2024 in Seattle, WA.

Submissions may be made only by current Grand Masters. Deadline for nominations is October 30, 2023.

The Masonic Renewal Committee Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in North America is dedicated to fostering the growth of Freemasonry by sharing & promoting proven strategies & best practices to enhance membership development & retention.

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