What is the Masonic Membership Dashboard?

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    Tim Wheeland

    What is the Masonic Membership Dashboard?

    The Masonic Membership Dashboard is a NO COST tool provided by the MRC to our various Masonic bodies / jurisdictions.

    The Dashboard provides a VISUAL representation of an organization’s membership
    metrics — and an understanding of the mathematical calculations related to metrics / graphing is NOT REQUIRED to use it.

    This visual tool allows comparisons of the membership metrics from participating jurisdictions / appendant bodies
    to assist in the identification of BEST PRACTICES.

    How Can the MRC Help My Jurisdiction With Understanding Membership Metrics?

    * The MRC will identify and assist in the gathering of the required data.

    * Full membership metrics analysis and review will be conducted and shared with each participating jurisdiction (if desired).

    * The MRC will provide ongoing ideation and brainstorming with the MRC on membership related projects.

    * Information and training on how to use the dashboard will be provided to those jurisdiction that choose to participate.

    * Dashboard access will be granted to jurisdictional personnel as requested.

    What Data is Required to Utilize the Masonic Membership Dasbhoard?

    * There is NO PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION utilized in the Masonic Membership Dashboard.

    * Only the aggregated data presented in most Grand Lodges’ Annual Communication reports are utilized (e.g. Grand Secreatary Report – Memberships Statistics).

    * The MRC will assist the Grand Lodge in locating, gathering, and formatting the data for the Dashboard.

    How Can My Jurisdiction Participate in the Masonic Membership Dashboard?

    * Participating in the Masonic Membership Dashboard is easy!

    * The MRC is here to help – and will do most of the heavy lifting of compiling and loading the data.

    * More information on the Dashboard can be obtained by reaching out to your MRC Representative — or you can contact Tim Wheeland at TimWheelandGL@gmail.com for questions, inquiries, or a demonstration.

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